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How to Create Monthly Link Building Themes #linksecrets

monthly link building themesThis one is more focused on agencies. The concept is that there are a million link building tactics that we have available that often get neglected or overlooked for each client. So, every month, aside from the ongoing activities that you’re working on for each client, there’s also a company link building theme selected that associates work on for each of their clients.

Pick a time-tested link building theme for the month and apply to all clients. [tweet this]

Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • Industry Interviews: Every client gets at least one industry interview posted to their site. So, for the e-commerce apparel company you would line up an interview with a fashion designer. For the B2B accounting software client, you would line up an interview with an ambitious CPA / small business consultant, especially the type that has written a book and shows up on the news sometimes.
  • Crowdsourced Blog Posts: The SEO industry is obviously overrun with “22 Tips from SEO Pros” type posts, but that’s because we all know how well they work. It works great for clients, too, and can be scheduled out across all client types. So, line up a large set of professionals to share a tip on one or two facets of the client’s marketplace, and use the same typical egobait tactics to encourage everyone to share it on their social media pages, press pages, etc.
  • Resource Pages: Everyone builds out a resource page for their client that is a curated list of tools/articles/etc about a niche topic. Create it, publish it, promote it on the usual company channels, and do some basic email outreach. It’s easy evergreen content that can be referenced and built upon in future pieces of content, and if you can get it ranking well for an informational keyword off of that first month of effort, then there’s a good chance it’ll pull in traffic, social shares, and links of its own.

I could keep going, but the important part is to identify link building tactics that can be applied successfully to all clients and execute. Don’t reinvent the wheel; we’re looking for time-tested link building concepts that work for all business types. Everybody responsible for link acquisition for a client gets involved. There should be a prize for the person that hits the biggest home run. This shouldn’t necessarily go to the person with a big client that gets the most linking root domains or social shares. If one person does a great job for a small or boring-industry client that is accustomed to smaller link volumes, then maybe that person gets the prize. All clients have ongoing efforts so it’s important that this type of agency-wide theme can be completed in a reasonable amount of time that won’t interfere too much with other initiatives. I’d suggest 3-10 hours depending on what’s appropriate for the size of your client engagements. This concept is also a great way for multiple people to collaborate on email outreach templates and process creation for these types of link tactics, so it’s probably worth scheduling a little time at the beginning of each month to recap how the exercise went for everyone and share ideas on how to improve the specific process that was being tested.

This tip, and 19 more, can be downloaded in one PDF.

Kane Jamison

Kane Jamison

Kane Jamison is the founder of Content Harmony, a content marketing agency based in Seattle, WA, as well as a Moz Associate. Check out the Content Harmony blog .

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