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How to Get Quality Natural Links with Creative Content #linksecrets

BacklinksA month ago, I decided to conduct a survey on the favorite SEO browser plugins of prominent SEO experts around the globe. Obviously, I started reaching out SEO experts to share their favorites. The outcome of the survey could be seen here.

I got an overwhelming response with 101-plus experts responding to the survey, and the resulting blog post shaped up to be a useful resource to all involved in the industry, garnering several shares on various social media channels. The huge response that we got was evident from the massive organic traffic and some quality referrals that we are continuously getting now on our site.

In this post, I’ll explore why creating useful content really can help you quickly gain quality, natural links to your site.

The Proof

The analytics behind this post really tell the story. They show that it is being linked to as a useful resource by many bloggers and reputable sites. Search Engine Land, a very popular site followed by almost everyone in the SEO industry, mentioned our post right over here. They found it very interesting and a very valuable source, giving us a link in their reputed site.

There are many other sites like this, which have found the post interesting and gave us a link back from their site. People are actually looking for such natural links. After tracking our analytics, we came to find out that a number of other bloggers are also mentioning our survey post. There are very good chances of getting a link back from their site as we have managed to get a mention in their posts.

Creating content that attracts links is really about being useful. [tweet this] If it is, people will definitely help you in the promotion of the content.

What we got with the help of this survey post:

• 3000+ organic traffic

• Massive shares on various social media channels

• Mention on authority sites

• Feedback of experts and exposure of our brand

• Links earned naturally

I hope you’ll have success with this tactic as well.

This tip, and 19 more, can be downloaded in one PDF.

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