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Listen Up! 4 Social Media Marketing Podcasts You Need to Stream

social media marketing podcasts

Social media marketing is highly competitive; not to mention, it’s constantly in motion, always changing and evolving. How do you keep up with all the latest news and trends, and also continue learning the best ways to boost your social media results?

One of the most efficient (and, dare I say, entertaining) methods for keeping up is listening to podcasts. And thankfully, there are a lot of amazing podcasts that deal with social media marketing: The latest trends, the methods and practices that work, the latest social media features being launched, and tips and advice that can help you get better results from your profiles.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best podcasts that deal with social media marketing:

1. The Social Media Lab, from Agorapulse

social media lab

Where to get it: Read the results on their website, or listen and subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

The Social Media Lab is first and foremost, a project. The podcast is one of the ways that the results of this project are shared with people. Long story short, it’s basically the myth busters for social media marketing.

The longer version of the story? The people behind Agorapulse have decided to invest approximately $15k every month into social media marketing in order to find out whether different social media practices actually work. Those results are then shared on their website, as well as via their podcast.

This makes for some very interesting experiments, and most importantly, it’s lead to some very interesting discoveries. For example, when they tested to see whether it’s truly possible to get 100 free new social media followers on Instagram in just 24 hours, they discovered that no, it’s not really feasible. However, they also discovered that they were able to use the technique to get an increase from 639 followers to 983 in about 10 days. So, even when they’re proving the “myth” wrong, there’s always an important useful lesson to learn.

Although the project started a few months ago, it’s already got quite a few finished experiments. Just go to their blog to read about them, or get your headphones out and listen to the podcast to find out what else they’ve tested. And if you have any ideas for other things that could be tested, you can always reach out and ask!

2. Social Media Marketing, with Michael Stelzner

social media marketing podcast

Where to get it: Get it on his website, or listen and subscribe via iTunes and Stitcher.

We can’t really discuss social media marketing podcasts and not mention Michael Stelzner’s aptly-named Social Media Marketing podcast.

He’s one of the best in the biz, known throughout the world as one of the top influencers in social media marketing – so you just know that his podcast is going to be good.

It’s a long-running podcast that started back in 2012 and has since posted new episodes each week. The focus of each episode is around an interviewee of Michael’s – some of the names that have joined the discussion in the past include Guy Kawasaki, Donna Moritz, and Amy Porterfield, just to name a few.

What I love is that each interview always leads to some very valuable advice that can truly help you improve your social media marketing. For example, if you want to learn more about product evangelism, listen to the episode Guy Kawasaki was on. Every episode focuses on the interviewees’ expertise and knowledge so you learn a ton in under 50 minutes.

3. Social Pros, with Jay Baer and Adam Brown

Social Pros

Where to get it: Check out the archives on their website, and listen and subscribe via iTunes and Stitcher.

If you haven’t heard the names Jay Baer and Adam Brown, then you might have heard the names of their websites/businesses: Jay is of Convince & Convert and Adam is from Salesforce.

The podcast, like many others in this list, is published on a weekly basis. Another similarity with some of the other podcasts is that it features a new interview every week.

In their case, the focus is on the interviewee and their business. This means that you get to learn from some of the worlds’ biggest brands (no exaggeration!) how exactly they’re using social media marketing to take their business to the next level.

For example, in the past, they’ve had the Krispy Kreme social media director explain how their brand does social media and how they keep it fresh and the Comcast Digital Care director share the story of how a Fortune 500 telecommunications company handles their customer service as efficiently as possible.

There’s so much to learn from all these different brands; some of them might be huge brands, some smaller, but there’s not one that you can’t use to learn something valuable for your own business.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vee podcast

Where to get it: : Get it on his website, as well as on iTunes and Stitcher.

Gary Vaynerchuck really needs no introduction; the entrepreneur, public speaker, and CEO (among other accolades) is very well-known throughout the world.

If you’ve ever watched the #AskGaryVee show on YouTube (and liked it), then you’re going to love this, too. Basically, the podcast is a mix of #AskGaryVee episodes (it used to be that each episode was then turned into an audio podcast, but that’s no longer the case), as well as some of Gary’s keynote speeches from around the world, and interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and experts.

There’s a new episode out every single day of the week, but their length varies a lot. One day you could get a 5-minute rant on the audio format, and the next you could get close to 2 hours of a keynote he held.

Whatever the case, short or long, they’re extremely interesting and informational. It’s not exclusively social media, though. Gary covers a variety of subjects, basically anything that has to do with being an entrepreneur, CEO, or business owner. He’s even interviewed rappers!


There are so many quality podcasts out there. You just need to find the time to listen to the best ones. I hope this list will help you find some quality content that can help you improve your social media presence and success and that can help you get the results you’ve been working and striving for.

What are some of the business and social media marketing podcasts you listen to on a regular basis? What are your favorites? Leave your comments below!

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