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I’m not a blogger, I just play one on the Internet. There are a lot of professional bloggers out there. I’m not one of them. Like many small business owners that also happen to blog I have to find ways to balance my time between the demands of running a business and pushing out information that helps me build up my online reputation.

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed between business and blogging issues. I love to write but blogging takes up a considerable portion of my day. I then have the added self-imposed pressure that I have to blog regularly. In talking with my wife about this she looked at me and asked, do you really have to? I immediately jumped into self-justification mode. “It puts me out there.”, “It builds my credibility.”, “It gives me a voice in my industry. “It leads to more contacts, leads and even speaking gigs. Of course I have to.”

But, well, I really don’t have to. Reality struck me later that evening. I’m not a professional blogger. I don’t make my living blogging and there is no one demanding that I write a blog post every day. In fact, if something more important comes up, things such as family or urgent business matters, the blog needs to be the first thing to be pushed aside. The problem is that it’s often not.

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