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The All Mighty Thank You

When was the last time someone received a thank you note from you? Been a while? Don’t assume that people know you appreciate them or their help. Tell them. You know yourself how much a thank you means — and how good it makes you feel when someone says it. Take the time to thank people no matter how busy you are.

There are countless articles and business tycoons that swear by the mighty thank you note. Management guru Peter F. Drucker, honorary chairman of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, attributes much of his success in life to his early habit of writing 10 to 12 thank you notes a day. Ken Langone, VC and Home Depot Founder states “The two most powerful things in existence: a kind word and a thoughtful gesture.” Southwest requires it in their hiring criteria, “We look for listening, caring, smiling, saying ‘Thank you,’ being warm.”— Colleen Barrett, president, Southwest Airlines.

There are countless occasions that merit a thank you note such as, a nice to meet you note, a new project from a current client, a vendor that has recently done a great job for you, an employee for a job well done or a presentation they assisted with, for people who refer others to you, etc.

The recent polite trend is a note to clients that have recently switched to your competitor. Thanking them for the time they were with your company and how you hope the change suits their needs, (best to send it 30-45 days after they switch. It gives them time to truly compare the companies and possibly switch back). Also don’t include a sales pitch; keep it short and sweet.

The time and cost it takes to write a thank you note is well worth the effort. The estimated time is about 2 ½ minutes while the cost is estimated at only $1.37 including a stamp at 42 cents. Simply put, “Life is short, but there is always enough time for courtesy.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Article on thank you note etiquette:
American Chronicle

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