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Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly with This Handy Checklist


Mobile-Friendly Checklist

More and more people are moving away from desktop and laptop computer usage and moving into portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. While I don’t believe desktops and laptops will ever be replaced completely, we do have to begin to think outside the old-school design box when it comes to developing and optimizing our websites.

Not only do you have to worry about the visitor’s on-site mobile experience, you also have to consider your traffic sources. When performing online searches, mobile results can vary widely from desktop results as search engines are choosing to drive mobile traffic to sites that are mobile optimized. In fact, Google changed its mobile algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites. While this did not set off the “Mobilegeddon” expected, it is increasingly important to consider mobile devices in your web development plans. Failure to do so can hurt your mobile rankings and alienate a huge part of your potential visitor base.

Developing a mobile-friendly site is now critical to having a truly effective website. Use this checklist to make sure your website is ready and optimized for mobile visitors.

Mobile-friendly checklist infographic

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