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Nano Hearing Aids: The Only Digital Hearing Company Giving Free Hearing Aids For Old Americans

There is a buzz about a company that “Dear John” challenged, again. That company is Nano Hearing Aids and they have accepted the challenge. They gave away 2 dozens of their newest hearing aid models that are worth $1000 per pair to our older Americans. That is really amazing!

How many companies do you think are willing to accept this kind of challenge? My guess perhaps, just a handful.

Now, this is the story. “Dear John” challenged Nano Hearing Aids to give out 2 dozen hearing devices because it claimed to be great and affordable. So now, there are 24 people that were picked by the company. They are those who are in need but cannot afford to buy one.

Who is Nano Hearing Aids?

Nano Hearing Aids is more than just a company that wanted to sell affordable hearing aids. This is an advocacy that stemmed out of love and compassion.

On Christmas day of 2017, Robert Carlson together with his family gathered together. His grandmother baked her famous gingerbread cookies and everyone was enjoying every bite and saying many wonderful things about her cookies. Little did they know that the grandmother lost the other pair of her hearing aids that is why all she can muster was, “what?”

Since she just bought here hearing aids the year before, she cannot afford to replace it because it is worth $5,750! This is an extremely sad story to remember. 

Because of this unforeseen sad story, Robert Carlson knew a change needs to happen in the hearing aid industry. With high costing hearing aids, not many can afford to immediately get a replacement like his grandmother. 

This is when he decided to pool a group of engineers to help him develop a hearing device that will not break the bank account. And from then on, the rest was history.

Why is Nano Hearing Aids a Great Company?

Nano Hearing Aids does not only intend to sell affordable hearing devices, but it also intends to help the majority of American people who are in need of hearing aids to living a normal life.

Removing the middleman from the equation cuts the cost of their device leaving you 1/20 of the price compared to bigger companies. Nano Hearing Aids is an ergonomic device incorporated with the latest digital hearing technology. Even with its make and model the company can assure you of a cost-effective device that will give you back your hearing.

They believe that both the older Americans and who are hearing impaired deserve a hearing assistant that is affordable and easy to use. Because they see the need without greed, more and more people are trusting their brand for their hearing devices.

It is wonderful to know that there is a company that cares more for those in need rather than making money out of necessity. Nano Hearing Aids did raise the bar in the hearing aid industry which is now difficult to challenge. 

Now that they gave away 2 dozens of their latest models, who do you think will follow suit? 

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