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How Can Hosting Influence Your Site Ranking?

Most people tend to neglect the huge impact that the type of hosting can have on their sites. Not only can it affect your rankings, but it can also affect user experience which is why you need to be careful and aware when choosing one. The following are some of the ways that hosting can affect your SEO rankings;


Problems with your host can make your site inaccessible to visitors. This is referred to as downtime. Although no host can guarantee that your website will be accessible 100% of the time, the worse the host, the higher the downtime your site will be faced with and vice versa. If your site has been having a lot of downtimes lately, then it could be time for you to switch to a different web hosting site.

Your site’s short period downtime won’t necessarily affect the rankings too much. However, it could negatively impact the user experience. That’s because people who’d like to visit your site will sometimes find it offline and be discouraged from revisiting it ever again. This could end up negatively impacting your site by lowering its bounce rate and its search engine’s CTR.

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2.Site Speed

The speed that your site takes to load has a significant impact on its rankings in the search engines. This doesn’t mean that having a site that loads very fast is enough to earn your site a spot on page one. 

Instead, it means that apart from your site having great offsite and onsite SEO, speed will be an added bonus towards improving the site’s rankings.

A slow loading host means trouble for your site. Most people generally just click off a site if it takes too long to load. This will drive down the metrics of your site and negatively affect its rankings.

In case you’re not much familiar with technical SEO issues, you can take help from an SEO company like SEO Melbourne.

3.Loss of Data

It’s always best to expect the best while also preparing for the worst. Anticipating for the worst-case scenario such as hacking, or accidental loss of data will help you set up preemptive measures to help protect your site. A backup system will help ensure your site and its rankings stay protected. Reliable hosting providers such as Hostens.com will ensure that your data is backed up in their system to ensure fast recovery of your site in case such disasters happen.

4.Location of the Server and Performance.

Where your physical server is located will affect your site’s performance. This will depend on what hosting site you’re using. Cloud hosting sites aren’t affected by this. However, if you’re using a dedicated server or VPS, the distance of your visitors from the physical location will affect the site’s performance. High-quality hosts such as Hostens.com will prevent this from happening because of their great performing server environment and an integrated CDN.

5.Improved Rankings

Credibility matters online. Google rewards credible sites with better rankings, The same applies to visitors. Visitors need to trust you before they can buy anything from you or associate with your brand in any way.

A sure way to improve the trust level of your site is to ensure that your site is installed with an SSL certificate. The purpose of this is to protect the visitor’s personal information by encrypting the connection between your visitors’ web browser and your server. This will not only improve user experience but also improve the site’s rankings.

Hopefully, the above reasons have given you a better understanding as to why you need a high-performing host. The culprit behind your site’s low ranking could be your hosting environment.

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