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Things People Shouldn’t Say About Your SEO

Everybody thinks their SEO is the best. Guess what? It’s not. Not yours, not mine, not anybody’s. I didn’t say your SEO strategies aren’t good, but there is always room for improvement.

In light of that, here are some things you don’t want someone to say about the SEO on your website.

Bad SEO Thoughts…

“What did you say the keyword density for that page was again?”

“Those are some reeeeeeally interesting micro-sites.”

“I know what pages you optimized because you used the keywords three times in each title tag!”

“Interesting! All of your backlinks have the exact same anchor text.”

“Dude! You scored some serious site-wide links!”

“Are those links or is the text just colored for emphasis?”

After reading your home page, “What is it you do, again?”

After reading any site page, “Soooooo, what am I supposed to do next?”

“Are those huge images the reason the site is so slow, or is it something else?”

“There sure are a lot of broken links on this site.”

“Wow! That content is just… bad.”

“I see you subscribe to the quantity over quality theory of link building.”

“You paid way too much for that.”

“I had no idea that many directories existed!”

“Now that I know all about YOU, do you have a page that explains what you can do for ME?”

“That’s a great press release. Too bad there’s no news in it.”

“What’s your threshold for allowable duplicate content?”

“My grandmother’s blog is outranking you for those keywords.”

“You say you paid how much for those links?”

“I can’t find you on Google.”

“How do I get to the contact page?”

“You certainly have no use for great content. But you did get your keywords in there. A lot.”

“So, which page did you optimize again?”


Special thanks to Mike and Annalisa for their contributions to this post. Now it’s your turn…


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