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Not quantity, but quality…

Tired of the search engines always bragging about how big their search index? So is Danny Sullivan in his article, “Screw Size! I Dare Google and Yahoo! to Report on Relevancy” in which he argues that size isn’t the issue, relevancy is!

Sometimes, the bigger the source pile, the harder it is to find what you want. One of his metaphors talks about the size of a haystack in which you are trying to find a needle. The bigger the haystack, the harder it is to find that needle.

“Now it’s 2005, and size is again pushed in our faces. No, Yahoo! didn’t issue a release on it. But it knew the reaction it would get by announcing via its blog it’s twice as big as Google. Google, of course, has pulled out all the stops in lobbying Search Engine Watch and analysts to poke hard at the Yahoo! numbers. It doesn’t want to be viewed as second best in any area.”

“This game will go on until someone’s brave enough to change the rules. I’m daring either leader, Google or Yahoo!, to do just that. Both say size is one of many factors to consider. Both tell you relevancy matters most. Prove it!”

And I totally agree. It is better to have more relevant results so I can find what I need instead of a ton of sites that I don’t need, but many sites I don’t need.

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