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Optimize News Articles and RSS Feeds for SEO

Sometimes normal SEO on a site is not enough to increase search rankings. RSS feeds and News articles can also be optimized, possibly giving your site that extra boost it needed.

“Most companies today have already invested in the search engine optimization (SEO) of their web site to improve search engine rankings by keyword. However, for many this effort has been a disappointment, as the home page did not rise to the first half of the first page of search results – where an estimated 60% of the Internet business is generated.”

“RSS makes it easy to display high-quality, relevant news on your site, and to syndicate your news and content elsewhere. You can use an RSS feed for a variety of types of content: product news, press releases, and technical articles.”

*Note: This is a pretty good article, but the page refreshes every ten seconds or so, so it gets pretty annoying…

Max Speed

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