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Overheard at the Office Continues

What do you want? (Katie)
YOU! (Stoney)
Uh … (Katie)

I caught a virus from a girl I dated once (Stoney)
Was that that business trip to Thailand? (the computer guy)

Pooper scooper is not hyphenated – just so you know. (Katie)

Hey my thing’s ready! (Ed)

I have like a pimple in my arm pit. I tried to shave my pits this morning, it’s still hairy. (Sarah)
Eew! Arm pits are secondary to butt holes in terms of grossness (Katie)
Eew… (Sarah)

I was thinking about retiring and become a nude model… (Katie)

She… doesn’t like children. (Tom)

So that means you shouldn’t make a task to look at porn in your task system. (Sarah)
Who needs to do that? I’m not awake till I have my porn. (Ed)

Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you’re stupid. (Rob)
What? (Katie)

I may have to go to your house to kiss you if you get billable time up to 90%. (Stoney)
That’s why we have no trespassing signs on the property. (Tom)

Ugh! I might have to amputate my leg, stupid unicorns! (Sarah)

I say one day we all come in with big hair and bleached jeans. (Katie)

I was conceived to this song. (Rob)
It’s nostalgia that kinda smells like parent sex. (Ed)

What, you’re always blowing yours out. (Diana)

You can’t swim? (Katie)
No (Tom)
Seriously? (Katie)
I’m not Buoyant! (Tom)

I’m not stupid! I knew there was a bell. (Rob)

Your Ass verses Google post was cool. (Sarah)

Dude, get your balls off mine. (Katie)

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