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Overheard at the Office…

For the last week or so I have been secretly compiling a list of interesting things that I overhear at the office. My criteria is very simple: anytime something is said which if taken out of context, is certain to raise an eyebrow; it gets put on the list. To my colleagues, who may be sweating bullets over this post: put your mind at ease; I have only assigned a gender to each comment. No names will be referenced in an attempt to protect the innocent (or not so innocent as the case may be).

she’s wearing granny panties…

so am I.

Let’s put the benefits of Alzheimer’s up right next to the benefits of leprosy list.

did it get buried yet?

yeah, the movie cocktail, it’s pretty much the story of my life.

this song makes me want to fly a plane.

don’t advertise other hotels, unless you do it disparagingly

Search Engine Optimization with PHP…it kinda turns me on

I’m not gonna get it in cause of funkiness

is today really Thursday? What a rip-off!

Matt Cutts is on a spam crusade.

I have theories about why Google has their fingers in everything; it goes deep man really deep…

I have voiced my concerns, I am cleansed…

Lets get us out of the loop.

You need to own the your-name.com domain name; what if you make enemies with an evil web designer?

I can walk away from that loss feeling good.

You gotta dookie, I can fix your problem.

He’s a wolf in babies clothing.

It’s time to start playing ping pong

I had to avoid that vortex, I have to fire to avoid the gravitational pull… or push

you gotta get past my forcefield

I watched North Country, I’m sensitive to your people’s struggle.

I’m feeling the natives growing restless.

I have less balls than Craig!

Before a game we would sing I touch myself to get psyched

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