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Podcast Feature Update

I have just added a couple of new features in relation to the audio downloads.

1) For site visitors I have added an embedded player so you don’t have to click on the MP3 icon forcing another browser window/tab to open. This is a very nice and handy WordPress plugin.

2) I have added an RSS feed for the audio files, so if that’s the only thing you want, you can subscribe to the feed that provides a quick summary of the podcast and links to the file for a listen. I have yet to find a way to update my podcast RSS feed automatically so if anybody knows of a solution please share.

3) I’ve been fiddling around with icons and finding the right balance for all this. I’m keeping the big MP3 icon for now which shows up in the standard RSS feed (the audio player doesn’t). Essentially, you can get the audio regardless of how you subscribe or view the page. I’m open to any ideas on how to make this better. I’m new to the whole podcasting thing so any suggestions are welcome. Especially when it comes to making the feeds better.

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