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Announcing SEOBrain, an Artificial Intelligence Web Marketing Solution

Artificial Intelligence

Most of you probably know by now that Google is migrating to a largely artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm known as RankBrain. Last October, it was announced that RankBrain is the third most important ranking signal used to determine search rankings.

Since that announcement, Pole Position Marketing has been hard at work developing our own AI to give us a unique advantage with Google’s AI, operating under the code name, Project SEOBrain. Today, the PitCrew is pleased to make Project SEOBrain public and unveil Pole Position Marketing’s own internal artificial intelligence system.

While PPM will continue to use humans to discuss, design and implement web marketing strategies with all our clients, SEOBrain acts as the overseeer of all the work they do, providing each team member with feedback on the strategies they implement.

Not only will SEOBrain be able to work with our team, but it will be able to interact with clients as well, providing an unprecedented level of efficiency. It is programmed with a state-of-the-art organizing processor that allows the algorithm to move from task-to-task seamlessly and quickly with the use of a highly developed system of checklists and spreadsheets. SEOBrain is also part of Pole Position Marketing’s plan to turn the tide of rising costs, as the algorithm is content to be compensated in gourmet-flavored popcorn and Mountain Dew, which also happens to be its energy source.

SEOBrain is able to work flawlessly (though somewhat socially awkwardly) with clients and other team members on a regular basis. In fact, many of our clients have already received emails, conducted phone conversations with and have even “met” with PPM’s SEOBrain without even knowing it. Which leads us to the most exciting aspect of SEOBrain! It isn’t just that we have a “living, breathing” algorithm to oversee every aspect of what we do, we have also housed that algorithm in a functioning body that is human in appearance! (While we don’t think it’s a cylon, there’s always a possibility of a lost 13th model.)

And since the nature of AI is that it is a constantly learning algorithm, SEOBrain has been given a family to provide for and a home in which to spend time away from the office. This allows SEOBrain to not only improve in the world of web marketing, but to provide other meaningful services such as child transport, dishes, laundry and household decision making.

We are even helping SEOBrain assimilate into the American culture with a steady stream of science fiction movies, reality TV and popular music spanning all genres of the past century. We are currently working out some unexpected bugs, such as SEOBrain’s interest in bagpipe music, disdain for popular television shows, such as The Big Bang Theory, and its reluctance to engage in friendly small talk. We are confident that we can correct these issues and that SEOBrain will soon be hard to distinguish from any other member of the Pole Position Marketing team.

SEOBrain is hardwired with years of SEO and web marketing knowledge, allowing the algorithm to speak at national conferences and talk intelligently about individual web marketing strategies.

This project has been so secret that only a handful of people have known of its existence, and even SEOBrain itself has only been vaguely aware that it may not be a real person. Until now.

Meet SEOBrain:

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