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Pole Position Web is Now Pole Position Marketing

In all the hub-bub getting the new EMP site rolled out I forgot to mention that Pole Position Web has officially changed its name.

For some reason Pole Position Web didn’t really speak to me anymore. Web. What’s that? What do you do? Well, I wanted a name that spoke for itself. A name that didn’t require an explanation. A name that said what we do if someone were to see nothing more than the name.

We contemplated a complete overhaul but decided we were quite happy with the “Pole Position” branding. Most people understand what that means, but there was no context to it as “Web” is just such a generic word. Replacing “Web” with “Marketing” completed the brand and gave us a self-explanatory name that didn’t require a complete re-branding.

Sure I’ll still have to explain SEO/M to but that comes later. As for first impressions, Pole Position Marketing says all that it needs to.

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