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Review: ABC of SEO

The ABC of SEO
Search Engine Optimization Strategies
by David George
161 Pages, Paperback, $19.90
Published February 2005

I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but what about it’s title? Had I done either I would not have bought ABC, and had I not done that, I would have missed out on an absolutely great book. Don’t let the cover or the title fool you, this is NOT a book for the simple minded.

George does a great job of taking a concept that has already been done (writing a book about SEO) and driving at it from an angle that is completely unique while providing a great amount of information that isn’t necessarily addressed by the others.

While it could be said that ABC is a book for beginners, the depth and detail contained therein is extensive and provides much more than just a passing overview of optimization concepts. George does not use this book as a means to teach how to do SEO but rather provides the foundation of knowledge necessary to understand the complexity of creating an effective search engine optimization campaign.

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