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PPC Training 101

Coming from a background in training, I always appreciate a useful training tool. I found Chapter 4 “Paying to Play: Pay-Per-Click” by SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit, to be an excellent training/learning tool.

The chapter is laid out logically, giving a brief introduction of the entire Pay-Per-Click system and process. After the intro, you’ll find that it provides a brief look at the major players in Pay-Per-Click, being of course Google, Yahoo and MSN. The chapter defines ranking, bids and organization. Before moving on to the next subject, they even introduce (name only) some of the minor Pay-Per-Click players.

The Pay-Per-Click process is the next topic, and it covers a breakdown of terminology, including triggering, click through, landing, interaction, measurement and analysis and refinement.

In all, as I said to begin with, this lesson chapter, is a very solid sound training tool for becoming familiar with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

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