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PubCon 2006 – Link and SEO Dev Site Review Forum

This was what I would have to say was probably my favorite session at PubCon. They were not necessarily there to teach us anything or talk on a specific subject. They were there to help people with their websites.

Before the session actually began they went around the room and collected business cards from random people so that they might look at those websites and offer suggestions on how to improve on what they already had.

This was amusing considering most of the people who’s websites we were shown didn’t actually do their own web development, which created difficulty in answering questions that were being asked them – like, Did you purchase all of these links?, Why aren’t these pages using a 301 Redirect to get to your site?, Why are your I-Frames being indexed?

Maybe I am some sort of a visual learner, but I felt like I learned more by having them actually go into a site, and into its code and point out the problems that were present.

I took notes on which sites were being talked about, and I plan on going back to those sites in the near future to check up and see if they actually went through with the changes that were offered during the session. I wonder how much they really care about their websites.

Max Speed

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