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PubCon 2006 – Tools of The Trade – Turnkey Solutions

This session was created to take a look at “off-the-shelf programs that make life easier for the affiliate and SEO/SEM webmaster.”

Although we already use most of the tools that were mentioned in this session, which made it less interesting than I had hoped, I was thankful for the tools that were mentioned.

Among these tools, Alex Bennert of Beyond Ink talked about: Zenu, Rankquest, SearchStatus, and CodeMonitor.

All of which have made my life much easier and less time consuming; and one in particular (CodeMonitor) which was not only mentioned, but was also created by our trusted leader – so that was exciting.

Other topics that Derek Vaughan touched upon were how to get “the right hosting, from the right company, at the right price.” Where we learned how and when to contact hosting companies and what deals they might be willing to make with you.

Like, offering to place a link on your site to them in exchange for free web hosting, or contacting them at the end of their fiscal quarter or year so that they are more flexible with pricing due to their responsibility to meet certain quotas. –I will have to try this some time. I am interested to see how well it might work for me.

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