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PubCon 2006 Vegas: Optimizing your Site for Higher Conversion Rates

This session involved a topic that obviously is very important to anyone that is marketing a site, optimizing it for higher conversion rates. All in all, that’s what we’re trying to get visitors to do, whether it be through filling out a form, buying a product, etc..

How can we get better conversion rates? One point discussed was the issue of reassurance. Any time a visitor is prompted to submit vital info, such as an email address or credit card information, they need to be reassured that their info is safe with the website. Put a highly visible link on any form that involves sensitive information, and link this link to a privacy policy page that explains you’re not going to sell this information or anything like that. Doing so will almost guarantee a higher conversion rate. Also, if your site sells products, display any sort of guarantee and make it visible within the product description.

It is common for web marketers to get really caught-up in eye tracking studies. Some of this research can be helpful, but it’s still important to place things where visitors expect to see them, as there is somewhat of a “standard” placement with elements of a web page.

Also mentioned was the issue of live help. Many people are still leery about live help, but Phillipe Lang states that live help is proven to improve conversion rates, average sale amounts, and decrease product return rates. I don’t know about you, but I sorta enjoy being “under the radar” when I’m shopping on a site. But apparently live help can be a very good and profitable thing.

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