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Rankings Change. (Here's How to) Deal With It! Part III

There are three primary things that factor into search engine ranking changes. 1) Your site changes, 2) a competitor’s site changes, or 3) a search engine algorithm changes. I’ve already provided information on the first and third (see links above) so in this final installment of the series I’ll talk about changes made to your competitor’s site and how to deal with the ranking changes they cause.

(How to) Deal with Changes Made to Your Competitor’s Websites

You’re not the only site on the web so don’t be concerned when you suddenly find someone else ranking above you. When it comes to search engine rankings there are hundreds of signals that factor in to how any site ranks. Now consider that every site on the web also has hundreds of signals that are being factored in. On the web the chaos theory reigns supreme. One small change on a website completely unrelated to you can have a dramatic affect on your own search engine rankings.

Everybody wants that coveted first page placement, and many are actively fighting for it. But in reality, there is only so much that you can control. If your rankings drop, it may not be you, it may be them.

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