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Reason #847 That Web Marketing is Never Done


There is always room for improvement.

Yep, the reason for ongoing digital marketing is as simple as that. Just because a change you made works well doesn’t mean it can’t work better.

Everything that can be tested should be tested. Don’t be afraid to fail. A test that turns out poorly is a learning experience for what not to do the next time.

You never know if an idea is a good or bad idea until you test it to find out.

Don’t know what to test? Try these on for size…

  • Start with best practices. (See Chapter 6 of The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period.)

  • Test Title Tags. Test to see what changes can improve rankings or click-throughs. (or both.)

  • Test meta descriptions. Same a title tags. But do these independently from the title tags so you know which edit helps or hurts.

  • Test images. Try different images to see if any produce better engagement.

  • Test shopping carts. Try reducing the number of needed steps and/or making instructions clearer.

  • Need more? Check out the rest of the chapters of the book mentioned above.

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