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Turn Your Rented Search Rankings Into a Long-Term Lease

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The search engine rankings you have today, or those you get tomorrow, will always be temporary. Google is always looking for the best tenants to hold those top positions, which means you’ll get the boot as soon as a better tenant comes along. If you’re not doing the best job of meeting searchers’ needs, you could get evicted on a moment’s notice.

Ultimately, Google gets to decide who gets to occupy their space and who doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to influence that decision.

How to Achieve and Hold Top Search Engine Rankings

  • Become an Authority: If you want to be ranked among the most valuable sites on the web for your niche, then you have to become an authority in that niche.

  • Provide constant value: Everything on your site must provide value. Not just your products or content describing the products or services you offer, but all content should serve a distinct purpose.

  • Focus on the Customer: Both you and the search engines are serving the same customer, just in different ways. The more you serve the customer on your end, the more Google will want to direct their customers to you.

Holding on to top search engine positions doesn’t give you an excuse to enjoy it while it lasts. You have to work to keep the rankings you have. But a little effort can turn your short-term rankings into a longer-term lease. As long as you’re the better tenant of those top positions, Google has no reason to evict you.

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