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Writing an article on SEO is difficult enough, even for those of us immersed in the industry. I often run across mainstream news articles about SEO that are considerably out of date or a story about something new that’s really, well, not.

For someone not in the SEO industry the learning curve is considerable. I realized this truth when I was called by a columnists from the Wall Street Journal’s Startup Journal.

I was initially approached after Sarah Needleman found one of my articles published on Web Pro News. I had multiple conversations with Sarah, helping her put story ideas together (which ultimately changed direction after conversations with her editor) and giving her a crash course on SEO.

The end result is probably not the article I would have written (or expected) and I think that her greenness to the subject of SEO shows. Of course, I might be able to see a lot more of that simply from the conversations between us. All said and done I think the article does a fair job and probably speaks to her audience, though I’m not sure if it leaves the readers with anything actionable. I guess that’s not uncommon for such articles and just something that I tend to look for in things that I read.

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