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Review: Do It Wrong Quickly

Do it Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing RulesDo It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules
Authors: Mike Moran
Hardcover: 408 pages
Cost: $16.49
Published: October, 2007

I absolutely love Mike Moran’s take on Internet marketing. Do It Wrong Quickly is not about how to do Internet marketing wrong, it’s about how to not get caught up in having to do it right so that you’ll do something now. Doing something wrong is far better than doing nothing right. Doing something wrong quickly is far better than doing something right slowly. The bottom line is that you simply need to do something.

DIWQ is full of well-thought out internet marketing knowledge. Mike covers all the things that you should be doing (wrong, if necessary, but always quickly at first) to get your Internet marketing campaign up and running. While many of us that have been around Internet marketing for a few years may not need the refresher in how to do Internet marketing, we definitely can get something out of Mike’s book.

The concept of “doing it wrong quickly” is repeated throughout the book, not as a redundancy, but as a reminder of how we can simply start doing various aspects of Internet marketing without having to worry about doing it right right away. The Web changes that need.

You still need to do things right offline, but things are different online. Here it’s much easier to fail your way up, especially when you realize that winning is for wimps and losers.

Thanks to Mike, I’ve got a whole new philosophy. Just start doing. If I you do it wrong quickly, you can do it right later… Once you know what you’re doing to begin with.

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