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Search Engine Optimization and Placement

Search Engine Optimization and PlacementSearch Engine Optimization and Placement.
An Internet Marketing Course for Webmasters
Authors: Renee Kennedy and Terry Kent
Paperback: 81 pages, $18.99
Published: February, 2001

SEO&P isn’t so much of a book on optimization than it is a collection of bits and pieces of information on search engine marketing along with some tracking strategies. The information contained inside is about as dated as one would expect a five year old book on SEO to be but it’s not so much about the information as it is about the processes involved in doing what needs to be done in an SEO campaign.

With that said, there is really nothing here that hasn’t been blogged about or talked about in forums for the past several years. This “course” would have worked better as a free PDF download, as it contains less than 40 full pages of content, in larger than normal type!) The rest of the pages are for note taking.

While there is nothing here that is downright incorrect, it’s certainly not the most current or the most valuable information you can find elsewhere for less.

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