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Clever (And Effective) Marketing Campaign

Aside from the yearly dose of Super Bowl commercials we get every February, it’s rare that I come across a commercial, billboard or other form of marketing that I find to be clever or extraordinarily effective. The saying, “There is nothing new under the sun” most certainly applies to marketing, and most marketing concepts are variations on something else that has already been done. But it’s the really good ones that take a new approach to something old.

Now before I go into what marketing campaign that got me excited enough to post about it, let me set the stage as to why this was a perfect marketing campaign, at least as executed to my household.

On our refrigerator, we have a magnetic whiteboard and dry erase marker. Now we seem to go through these about one every six months, just because the kids end up writing on it with permanent marker, it falls off and breaks, gets worn out, etc, but the fact is we keep buying them because we use them. On it we write grocery lists, movies to rent, and often used phone numbers such as Port of Subs or Dominoes Pizza.

So guess what Dominoes sent us in the mail the other day? You got it, a magnetic dry erase board with their phone number clearly printed at the top!


But this isn’t just any dry erase board… it’s got a full menu on the back along with some detachable coupons on the right hand side! (oh, and a pen!) I’ve got to hand it to Dominoes. This isn’t your ordinary refrigerator magnet with a phone number, this is something useful. Something that will stay put on our fridge and be a constant reminder of mmmmmm pizza! Do we call Little Caesars? Naw, we got some Dominoes coupons here, let’s use those. Do we have the number? Oh, here it is, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Excellent!

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