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SEM Companies Advertising Themselves Locally… Where Old School Meets New School

The majority of us SEM/SEO companies are on the smaller side. Not only do we need to market our clients, but we obviously also need to market ourselves. A good chunk of our clients are local, so of course in being a legitimate target audience, how do we make known the availability our services? How about an old school method?

Each day when we drive around town, we are exposed to hundreds of other vehicles; and within these vehicles are people with perceived needs for certain services. So we’re trying something old school. My boss is putting our company logo (domain name) along with a very short description of what we do on the tailgate of his truck. I am actually quite excited to see how this idea will turn out; especially since it is quite an interesting convergence of old school meeting new school. Have any of you SEM/SEO companies conducted some “old school” methods of drawing new customers?

Max Speed

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2 Responses to SEM Companies Advertising Themselves Locally… Where Old School Meets New School

  1. Stoney G deGeyter
    Stoney deGeyter says:

    I have to admit that my foremost reason for doing this isn’t for advertising purposes but instead for the tax benefits. But I do know this can produce advertising results. I have a good friend who is a web designer and we have both passed clients off to each other. We met when I was driving past his car in a parking lot while he was getting out. He had his business name on the back, so I stopped, chatted him up and the rest is a valuable personal and business relationship.

  2. Stoney, now this is a much better idea than what I see kids write on their cars … “Blind man driving, watch the fingers”

    What exactly will you write? What is the wording?

    I’ve seen online companies advertised on cars and I found it very appealing as it’s still “new” even though it’s been done for the last 4+ years. People feel that they see an “owner” of the site.