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SEO Quick Tip: Trust Your SEO

I find a lot that some, after plunking down a bunch of money on an SEO, don’t really allow the SEO to do their job. I would think that if you’re going to be paying thousands of dollars for a job to be done, you’d at least trust them enough to do the job uninhibited. The best thing you can do after hiring a consultant or company to manage the optimization for your website is to let them do the job you hired them to do with little interference.

If you feel your optimization campaign is not progressing or producing the results you expected you should then talk to the SEO, but also listen to them. After which you then step back and give them room to work without micromanagement.

In some cases, however, there will come a time when you feel that the SEO is unable to get results. It’s important to know when that time is and not to reach that conclusion too soon. SEO is a long-term commitment and you need to have the patience for results to build while also keeping an eye on progress. If you have expectations that are both real and achievable then you’ll know when that time is, you wont’ just be guessing.

Throughout the campaign be sure to track progress but understand that results take time. And when your SEO suggests something be done, work to have that implemented ASAP.

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