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SEO Secrets That Everybody Ignores

David Callan gives some tips and hints for SEOs in this article. He mainly deals with the fact that writing quality content aimed at customers instead of search engines and just pretend that search engines don’t exist. Optimizing your site for the surfer’s sake instead of for the search engines is the way to go according to Callan.

“However, there is a secret that an increasing number of webmasters have discovered and are putting to good use. Whatever regular changes search engines instigate, their motivation remains the same.”

“So whatever changes search engines make they will always be focused on improving the search engine experience for surfers. It is not too difficult to figure out what those who use search engines want, or even more important, what they do not want.”

“What all this means is that content remains the most important search engine optimization tool. Just take a closer look at all the leading google websites and try and trace a common thread running through them all.”

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