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SES SJ: Compare & Contrast Ad Program Strategies

This was my first session at SES San Jose. There was a lot of good discussion in this session and some points were brought up that I did not realize. The purpose of this session was to discuss the differences and similarities between the major PPC providers and it’s bearing on strategy. Below are some interesting points and ideas that stuck out at me in regard to the world of PPC.

  • For your real important and high volume keywords, put the same keyword in three different forms; including broad, phrase, and exact match.
  • Unfortunately, Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) in its current state does not give you the ability to test multiple ads simultaneously for one keyword term. However this shall all change with a completely new version of YSM code-named “panama”, scheduled for release in late Q4 or early Q1.
  • I’m glad I’m not the only one! Apparently it’s common for certain accounts to perform un-proportionately better on one or the other, meaning AdWords or YSM.
  • Interestingly enough, although not surprising, YSM’s Panama will move away from a pure bid-positioning system and jump on the bandwagon with their own variant of Google’s “quality score” to determine where your ad will rank.

So far so good. A lot of good information was learned; now only 13 more sessions to go!

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