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When Good Businesses Go Bad

Its always nice when you can get the domain name that matches your business name. But in some cases, it’s not always a good idea. Here is the case in point to that. Here are some links to legitimate companies who’s URLs might leave some things open for interpretation. You’ll have to click on the links to see what each company actual does.

(Note: This post isn’t exactly family friendly)

  • Find the who’s who in the seedy under life: whorepresents.com.
  • Here is a fun little place for those of you who can’t get enough of a good thing: penisland.net.
  • Here’s a handy little site for those looking to get screwed: therapistfinder.com.
  • This is definitely not a place where kids are raised: molestationnursery.com.
  • Now you can do your business anywhere. Go where you gotta go at ipanywhere.com.
  • These are definitely silent, but deadly: speedofart.com.
  • Here’s something everyone should get, at least once in their life: gotahoe.com.

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