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SES SJ: Search Advertising 101

This session gave some great information on PPC do’s and don’t’s . Some of these panelists have been involved in PPC management since its beginning, so I listened intently on what wisdom they had to share with us. Here are some interesting points from the session.

  • In cases in which search volume is limited, in Yahoo it will be easier to spend more of your budget when things are set by “monthly budget”, as opposed to “daily budget”.
  • Typically the day of the week in which the most searches are conducted is Monday.
  • Google Analytics has the capability to tell you conversion rates at specified ad positions.
  • One of the panelists was very intent on the idea that using Google’s automatic ad serving is not a good idea.
  • Typically, for reasons to do with simplicity in relation to testing, you will not want to use more than three ads per an adgroup.

What I really got from this session is that the best method for PPC campaign management involves a lot of testing; and more testing! As one of the experts stated, “make improvements, not changes”.

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