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SES SJ: Creating Compelling Ads

Obviously the PPC ads themselves are a very important element to successful search engine advertising. So what do these ads need in order to bring in the targeted clicks that lead to conversions? Here are some interesting tips and ideas that I gathered from the session.

  • The ad titles themselves are proven to be the most important element of PPC ads.
  • Don’t set up your adgroups based on keywords. Set them up based on ad content theme or creative.
  • When testing ads, give them a run of AT LEAST 50,000 impressions before coming to any sort of conclusion.
  • Though I’ve heard differing opinions on this, one of the experts said to rely on your website for branding, not your PPC ads. Especially in the case that your brand is not built up yet, it is best to focus on your value proposition instead of brand name.

Though they didn’t touch on much detail on the ads themselves, some additional good PPC information has been learned, mission accomplished. A simple yet profound statement went like this, “the more customized your ad title and description, the better chance you have of receiving relevant clicks that will lead to conversions.”

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