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Keep Visitors (And Search Engines) On Your Site With Strong Website Navigation

site navigation checklist

When your site’s navigation is broken, or isn’t optimized for search and visitors, you’ll see higher abandonment rates than you should. This means less search engine traffic and less business. No bueno.

Great SEO brings visitors to your site. Now it’s up to your navigation to keep them there and guide them to all the information they need with as few hurdles and as little frustration as possible.

The more visitors have to hunt for that information, the more likely they are to get frustrated—and leave. Some sites try to avoid that by providing every possible option in the navigation (hello, mega menus), but that’s often even worse, leaving visitors in a state of decision paralysis.

A similar problem exists for search engines. Too many options indicates your site lacks the site hierarchal development that the search engines use in valuing pages and ranking content. But you also want to be sure that search engines can spider your site quickly and efficiently. Good navigation strikes the right balance between too many and too few navigational options, providing the optimal experience for both visitors and search engines.

This list covers issues regarding your site’s navigational elements, including primary, secondary and sub-navigation. It provides tips on how to make your navigation both effective for search engines and friendly for visitors at the same time.

Site Navigation infographic


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