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If You’re Going to Do Social Media, Do It Right! [Infographic]

social media marketing checklist

There’s no question, in this day and age, that nearly every business SHOULD be on social media. But just opening up some profiles on the most popular┬ásocial networks doesn’t guarantee success.

When done right, social media can create important search ranking signals that can increase your search engine performance, not to mention direct traffic to your site from people clicking on your links. Better yet, your followers can take it to another level, exposing your content to an audience you may have never reached otherwise.

The problem is, so many businesses just get into social media because they heard they should or because their biggest competitor is…and then they are surprised when they don’t received the expected results. This checklist will keep that from happening to you. By following the action points below, you will establish a strong social media presence that will help you increase brand awareness, traffic to your website, and ultimately, sales.

social marketing checklist

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