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[Video] The Importance of Social Media in Search Rankings

In the past two months I’ve had the opportunity to speak at two large industry conferences, Pubcon and SMX Social Media Marketing. A recurring theme at both conferences was the impact of social media–social signals to be exact–on search rankings. As social media matures, the search engines are finding social proof increasingly valuable in determining the worth of content and websites. Traditional search engine optimization techniques, while still valid and necessary, can’t go it alone. Marketers who aren’t developing integrated quality social media, content and SEO strategies may soon lose their edge in search rankings.

At SMX Social Media Marketing this past week, I had the chance to do an interview with Marcella De Vivo and aimClear on the topic, Social Signals = The Next Frontier of Search!

Share your thoughts on the impact of social media on search rankings in the comments below.

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