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Take Your Online Business to New Heights with the Display Network – Part 2

Man, getting traffic can be so easy…. and dangerous to your bottom line. The truth is, there is an art and science to getting traffic just like any other vocation. It takes skill and knowledge to be successful. So, when it comes to utilizing the Display Network, you need to gather the knowledge that is going to enable you to use the tool correctly to accomplish your goals.

Use Ad Testing to Help Reach Your PPC Marketing Goals – Part 1

Once a PPC account is set up and running, a good account manager is always looking for ways to improve results to better reach the account’s marketing goals. One such way is to test different types of ad messages to gain insights into what attracts your industry’s customers to your products/services so that you can better understand and communicate with them.

Using AdWords Bidding Options to Spend PPC Dollars More Intelligently

The guide for what bidding options to use in your PPC campaigns is the same for any other option – your marketing goals. What are you trying to accomplish with this campaign? Once you figure that out, then knowing the options available and which goals that fit well will help you more intelligently reach those goals.

Funneling PPC Money Into the Right Keyword Markets

There’s a big temptation that PPC managers need to stay away from, especially when first building an account. The temptation is assumption. (And yes, we all know what happens when….) If you assume, you can waste a lot of time building out a campaign that you will just have to spend MORE time fixing later.

Christmas with the Search Engines

Since movies can wait 10 or 20 years to produce a sequel, I thought that it wouldn’t be so out of sorts writing a sequel to a post from 2002. […]

Why I Don't Obsess About Google

So many people are obsessed with Google. And as far as that goes, there is good reason to be. Google is the largest search engine that gets the most searches […]