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search engine friendly vs search engine optimized

Search Engine Friendly vs Search Engine Optimized

Search engine friendly. Search engine optimized. Kind of sound the same, right? But they aren’t, and knowing the difference is critical to ensuring you get the results you expect from […]

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digital marketing spending PPM

You May Be An Idiot If…

Do you spend more money on your office every month than you do on your website? Well, with all due respect, you just may be an idiot. I’m not trying […]

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Web design is web marketing

Web Design IS Web Marketing

Many people don’t realize this but web marketing doesn’t begin when website development ends. Too frequently companies finish their web design and then think about marketing the site on the […]

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Is Your Digital Marketing failing

Is Your Digital Marketing Failing Or Is it Just Your Website?

Not too long ago, a prospective client came to us because they wanted to get more leads and sales online.They were doing great offline, but their online conversions just weren’t happening, […]

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Update your website

New Site Resolution for 2016

It’s 2016, and while everyone is making New Year’s resolutions, it might be time for you to make a new site resolution. In cyberspace, things age fast. Every year, there […]

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check new website performance

New Site Launch Tip #10: Check New Website Performance

It’s not uncommon for new websites to be developed on a temporary URL or IP address. This allows developers to code the site where it can be reviewed, tested and […]

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