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Team Reading List 4.24.07

Every day I post a short reading list for our SEO/Marketing team. It’s posted here because they (are supposed to) read the blog daily. Oh, and because you might find them helpful as well.

Build Relationships with Your Readers – You can talk at them or to them. Guess which one will get their attention?

Trimming Down Content Leads to Better SEO? – This isn’t anything we have to worry about because we never jumped onto the “add thousands of pages a day” bandwagon. But then, we do have a blog. Should we purge old posts?

Domaining & Subdomaining In The Local Space – Part 1: – Craig, we discussed domain names briefly. Here is some more info.

The Search Engines’ Semantic Analysis Capabilities – Katie, this is all about the ‘related words’ research that we should be doing along with text optimization.

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