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Using SEO to Build Your Brand

P.J. Fusco of The Click Z Network explains how brand managers can help build their company brand using SEO.

“Typically, brand managers don’t understand how search engines work. Why should they? SEO is pretty far removed from their brand-based responsibilities.”

She reminds up that less is more when it comes to brand pages and how many clicks it takes to make a complete transaction.

“If product sales are the primary motivator for building a brand site, sending the prospect to another site to perform a transaction must be absolutely seamless. If it’s the least bit clunky or requires too many steps for the prospect to perform the transaction, a standalone brand site should be avoided in favor of a subdomain at the primary e-commerce site.”

She also tells us that SEO is a must when building a new brand site and its elements must be present at the beginning and not just used to “fix” underperforming sites and products.

“For in-house search marketers, the time to get involved in building a brand site is before, not after, the site is launched. It’s the difference between giving a person a fish and teaching a person how to fish. If you need to feed a big brand on the Web, teach the brand manager about search engines.”

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