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Utilizing Auto Responders to Increase Sales

Follow-Up To Success

One of the most under used methods of marketing for web site owners is simple follow up. Studies prove that it takes up to seven contacts to make a sale! That is seven times every potential client or customer needs to visit your site, see an ad, or receive a message before they commit to buying your product or service.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the time on their hands to follow up with each and every one of their visitors. Forms are filled out, the requested information is provided, but providing additional follow-up is key to turning that visitor into a sale.

With a good auto responder and follow-up system in place, you no longer have to hope visitors keep coming back to your site six more times. You can communicate with them through a system that automatically sends out your sales-driven messages about your product or service.

Automated Responses Make It Easy

A properly implemented auto responder program will allow you to capture visitor e-mails (ethically), provide the visitor with the requested information, send seven or more pre-written follow-up e-mails advertising your products or services, and allow you to build a subscriber base for future newsletters, or periodic product updates. Once implemented, most of his happens without you having to do anything.

Each time a visitor fills out a form, either to contact you or requesting information, they will receive one auto responder, thanking them for visiting and going on to tell the visitor of quality and value of your product or service. From there, over a course of several days to several weeks, up to 7 additional professionally written messages should be sent, each with a unique and compelling sales message, to bring the viewer back to your site to make the purchase.

For even a greater advantage you can also utilize this system to send out newsletters, special sale advertisements, general updates or anything else you wish to write and send to your e-mail list.

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