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You Get What You Pay For

There are a lot of search engine promotion services out there that offer inexpensive promotion strategies and “guaranteed” results. Be careful, though, because the old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to search engine optimization strategies.

In search engine optimization there are many ways to achieve the same goal, but, not all of those ways produce the same quality, long-term results. In fact, I am surprised at the number of SEOs that still sell services that create bulk doorway pages or bulk submissions. These might actually produce some results, but at what cost? Monetarily, very little, but what about quality? What about long-term strategy? What about providing relevant unique content that the search engines seek, rather than cluttering the search engines are trying to expel?

The basic difference between a quality SEO service and the others is relatively simple. Quality SEO’s work to provide the search engines with content rich and unique pages that the search engines themselves seek. Non-quality SEO’s don’t strive to provide search engines what they seek but rather they try to slip things past the search engines and hope something sticks.

Much of this does get past the search engines; therefore these companies can often “guarantee” results. Throw enough Jell-O at a wall and some of it will eventually stick. The problem here is long-term strategy. Search engines are always adjusting their ranking algorithms to combat this kind of promotion strategy. This makes these methods less and less effective for one, and even if it works, results will be short lived because the search engines will soon be scraping the Jell-O off the walls!

Many SEO’s have been slow to change their ways to the more effective methods, partly because of the expense involved. SEO’s can easily purchase or build software that will create hundreds of doorway pages for virtually nothing at all. Throwing it against the wall doesn’t cost much either! Upgrading services to provide quality and long-term effective promotion costs both time and money, and that is much harder to sell.

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