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Small SEO Tools: Video Converter Online

The Main Problem

Videos are a very common form of electronic medium that people prefer nowadays. On average, billions of videos are watched per day. Similarly, there are countless platforms that allow streaming videos for free. Despite this massive preference of videos over other means of electronic media, there are very few sites that will enable downloading videos. The thing is, websites do not want their users to download videos. To maintain their traffic, they want everybody to stick to the site alone. Downloadable videos can be shared via different platforms, and this is what most of the sites can’t afford. Hence, downloading videos and sharing them with others is a real challenge. But people still look for ways to download videos.

What about a Video Downloader?

Ever thought about a free video downloader that allows you to download the unlimited number of videos? Sounds great, right? Well, get excited because there are some very good quality video downloaders that you can find online. They are great for saving any quality of video content to your device that you can easily share with your friends and family.

Perks of Downloading Videos

You will be able to reap more with video downloader than you realize. Some of the benefits you will gain with it are:

No More Buffering

Most of us are well-aware of how watching videos online annoy us as they keep on buffering and waste an ample amount of time. You might be able to watch a 3-minute clip in 10 minutes, and sometimes, even more, when you have a slow internet connection. You can overcome such annoyance if you download video and watch it without facing buffering issues.

Save Bandwidth

Many people have a limited bandwidth that they have to use smartly over a period of time, like a month or week. Watching videos online can consume a lot of bandwidth than you realize. If you like to watch your favorite video several times a day, then online viewing might cost you a lot. On the contrary, if you download video, then you wouldn’t waste your bandwidth.

Go for the Best!

At SmallSEOTools, you will find one of the best online video downloader to download video and enjoy it in offline mode. Not only this, but the download video can also be shared with your friends and family. This is probably the best online video downloader that you can come across the internet. You can use this smart tool on a desktop and on your smartphone as well. Here are some of its defining features.

  •   Allows fast multi-streaming downloading
  •   It doesn’t change the quality of videos upon downloading
  •   Allows downloading unlimited videos
  •   It’s completely free of cost
  •   It has an excellent interface
  •   It is easily accessible
  •   It is available in multiple languages

Easy Usage

Download video from Small SEO Tools with a few quick and easy steps.

  1. Copy the URL link of the video that you want to download
  2. Enter this URL link in the available search space
  3. Hit the Download Video button
  4. Within no time, this tool will generate the results for you
  5. Save the right quality video to your laptop or smartphone

The Slightest Confusion

There is a thin line between two sets of arguments—is it or is it not legal to download a video for viewing in offline mode? This confusion arises from the fact that downloading videos decreases the traffic rate at a website. Once a person can download a video, he no longer needs to share the URL of the video with his friends and family. He can now directly send the video via standard sharing. This decreases the number of chances people will visit the website, which in turn reduces the revenue generated by the website.

However, downloading videos sometimes becomes very crucial not only for aesthetic purposes but for other reasons as well, for instance, eLearning. Also, re-watching a downloaded video is far more comfortable than revisiting the website. These arguments make downloading videos legal.

Save Yourself from Copyright Infringement

A lot of people download video from a particular website and then use it as their own intellectual property. This is illegal, and the person can be sued by the original creator. Instead, use a URL video downloader for the right purpose. Use it for personal purpose only, like simply enjoying videos in the offline mode. Small SEO Tools doesn’t, in any case, support downloading videos for copyright infringement.


Small SEO Tools is the best platform you can find online to download video. It’s easy to use and 100% legal as well. Make sure that you use downloaded videos for personal use only. Do not indulge yourself in stealing someone’s intellectual property and using it as your own.

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