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7 Compelling Reasons Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

Marketing experts claim how powerful video marketing is. And so a digital marketing agency capitalizes in such a claim through investments in this service.

Nonetheless, none of the claims is backed by why YouTube SEO or Facebook page branding, for example, is fundamental to making this marketing strategy successful.

Why do brands need video marketing or SEO services, in general, in the first place? Interestingly, the answer to this question would have more value when statistics as below backs it.

1) Videos boost conversions and sales by 80%

Video marketing impacts the bottom-line. It is that simple, and probably, the most crucial reason why your brand needs to do it. Once you add a product video on the target landing page, you may expect an up to 80% increase in sales. This is true regardless of what category the product belongs to or which industry the business operates.

Watching a video subsequently leads to a sale directly as well. Various research confirmed that 74% of prospects immediately buy the product after watching an explainer video. This could also be 83% of businesses claim that they experienced higher returns on investment (ROI) after publishing a product-related video. But you need to be authentic since consumers purchase from a brand that expresses itself most authentically.

2) Videos build confidence among 57% of the consumers

Before any conversion happens, trust must be built first. Videos can provide any potential buyers with useful information not necessarily about the product or service the brand offers. Some buyers are skeptical about online shopping because of fraudsters and scammers.

Igniting the conversation, however, brands that publish videos create a sense of trust that buyers used as anchors whether to buy from that brand or walk away. A video can engage the audience, building buyer confidence in the process. About 57% of buyers who were able to watch even a short video gain the confidence they need to purchase online.

3) Videos are 53x more likely to show on results pages

Videos give your website the boost it needs as well in terms of SERP (search engine results page) visibility. This is more so if the video is published on YouTube, a Google partner. If your site has a YouTube video embedded on a particular page, it is 53 times more likely to appear on SERPs for the targeted keyword. This is also how crucial YouTube SEO is or optimizing the video from the title and description to the hashtag and subtitles. While at it, about 88% of videos that appear on SERP are YouTube vids.

While at it, the video helps in increasing the dwell time of the users on your website. The more he stays on your page, the less the bounce rate will be. A user spends about 2.6x longer on a page with a video. This also signals Google that your website has good content and reward the site with higher rankings on the results pages. Traffic follows whether your site appears on the video carousel or the top three positions.

4) Videos increase engagement levels by up to 10x

Videos encourage social shares, among others. In a social context, however, brands need to understand that people share emotions and not necessarily facts. About 76% of the users who have seen a branded video share it with friends because of its entertainment value. So it matters to produce share-worthy videos that are inspiring and awesome and balance them with just the right amount of facts.

Don’t fall on the vanity metrics trap. While one of your goals should be increasing engagement as evidenced by the numbers of shares, comments, likes, etc., a more concrete goal is to translate social shares with conversion rates. Linking your website from the social page is one way to do this to increase the traffic on the site itself. And it’s an organic way to generate traffic!

5) Videos have an 80% retention rate than textual content

One good thing about videos is how they provide visual explanations, even to the most complicated things or scenarios. Since the brain prefers visuals wherein it processes visuals faster compared with texts, video content is retained more effectively. That is about 80% retention rate of videos than 20% that of texts. The most important thing is they get the message across through a platform that the audience appreciates more. Also, videos can do what texts cannot.

Consuming video content is easier than it can engage even the laziest of buyers. Video marketing also works at various levels; it’s not just product-oriented. For instance, it can be coupled with other marketing tactics such as email marketing wherein an introductory email with an embedded video has a 96% click-through rate than one without a video. There is a need to tie the emotional trigger with a specific action, though.

6) Videos increase brand awareness by up to 52%

Videos do not only puts your products and services at the center. Likewise, they can help in making the brand shine. This is the very reason video makes for an ideal tool for company branding, increasing awareness by 52%. For the best impact, increase engagement through emotional connections.

Videos may highlight the brands and the people behind it as well as its core values, advocacies, charitable activities, accomplishments, celebrations, etc. By letting the users – your potential customers or clients – get a glimpse of how the business works, you may show how relatable the brand is. Consumers yearn for stories, remember? This can be another layer of how to connect with your audience.

7) Videos will account for 82% of traffic globally by 2021

Videos will pave the way for long-term profitability since videos will comprise 82% of global traffic by 2021. Nowadays, the majority of the users, especially on social media, are producing their own content and consuming others’ content spontaneously. Brands need to think like publishers to create and publish their own content for the public to consume, satisfying the demand for such.

The goal should be to disseminate easy-to-consume branded and non-branded video content. About 54% of the users expect to see videos from companies they like or support. It means not all users want to see branded content, so it would be wise to produce or share non-branded content too to strike a balance between the two.

Today is an opportunity to keep up with the ever-increasing video consumption of the consuming public. If you are wondering if video marketing is perfect for your brand or whether it is worth pursuing or not, don’t. Although there are SEO consulting services to help you decide. The reasons noted above should suffice in convincing you that you need video marketing in your digital marketing strategy. Video is the current and future trend – a fact that you shouldn’t take this lightly.

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