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4 Ways VPN Can Benefit Your SEO Strategy

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can improve your SEO strategy by keeping your data secure and grant you access to organic search engine results pages (SERP) ranking from around the world.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts user’s internet connections by hiding their IP address, allowing users to access restricted websites, appear to be in another country, and have greater digital security.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is now an important element in most marketing strategies. 

Here are the six ways how VPN can benefit your SEO strategy.

  1. VPNs Are a Practical Solution

A VPN creates a bridge between your device and another foreign VPN server. Within the process, your data is encoded at one finish and decoded at the other foreign server, making the data-in-transit. 

Your traffic then continues from your VPN server to the restricted website, showing that foriegn IP address yours, and hiding your device’s original IP address. 

Simply, you take a detour via the VPN server from your IP server to another foriegn server before reaching your target page. While these technical aspects could seem a touch intimidating, most Open VPN providers have simple interfaces that are super-friendly, which means you can use them easily. 

  1. Get a More Correct Read of Program Results Pages

The benefit of using a VPN for your SEO strategy is to view the organic rankings internationally. With the increasing amount of geo-restricted content, page trackers, and cookies. It’s hard for digital marketing professionals to look at search results in the same way users do. 

Slanted SERP rankings will have a huge impact on your SEO strategy. Without having a proper understanding of your current rankings, it would be hard to strategize your SEO campaign accordingly.

Without a VPN, it’s impossible to see the real SERPs of a specific location, which can simply limit your SEO strategy. Rankings for the same keyword may be different depending on where the search is coming from.

  1. Avoid Google Ad Preview Inaccuracies 

Google Ad Preview is an important tool when planning and monitoring your PPC campaigns. 

It allows you to read searches for keywords in different locations to check your ad and also the organic listings. 

It also lets you monitor your PPC adverts without risk of lower Click-Through-Rates (CTR).

The best way of getting out of this is by using a VPN that allows you to check both the organic and paid results in the right way. 

Without a VPN, you’ll have to rely on the Google Ad Preview tool that has the potential of mixing up the paid results and organic listings – and this leads to confusion in your SEO strategy. 

  1. Consider What Features You Would like Your VPN to Have

There is too much to consider before deciding what type of VPN subscription your gonna use. For Digital Marketing Agencies and SEO professionals, the most important issues are the number of locations and the encryption process. 

Not all VPN providers provide a similar range of locations to their users. Some provide as few have 2 or 3 different locations whereas some have quite a hundred.

By choosing a VPN that has more locations, you can see the SERP rankings in other countries. More locations offered means more markets you can target for your SEO campaign

With more locations, you can easily target your PPC campaigns more effectively in more destinations.

If you’re thinking of choosing a free VPN, make sure you read their privacy policies and terms of use as several of those free apps have been shown to share your data and information with third-parties. 

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