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This is Why You Should Start Using Digital Marketing Automation

Businesses nowadays have huge user databases that can be converted into real customers. Now, if a business wanted to transition those passive users, it would have to outreach to every single person with a personalized message. That seems like an overwhelming task for many.

In order for businesses to keep up with their users, marketing automation appeared. Marketing automation software does business marketing activities without any major worries and without you losing any sleep over it. Below, are some of the key reasons why your company needs marketing automation.

1. Target the Right Customers

With marketing automation, you can target the right customers with personalized messages, when they need it. From selling more to your current customers to nurturing the top of your sales funnel, marketing automation will help you generate more sales.

For example, with marketing automation, you can target people for cross-selling and up-selling by sending messages when certain criteria are met. They could perform an action on your website that happens when a user is ready to make a purchase. Maybe the user is ready and you will automatically contact this person.

With marketing automation, you can send relevant messages to receptive users and increase your chances of adding value for your customers, with less effort.

This is one of the main advantages of marketing automation, especially for small and mid-size businesses. It helps leverage cross-selling and up-selling into your business, ensuring that communications happen with the right people and at the right time, without adding more pressure on you.

2. Improves Customer Relationship

When you use marketing automation for your campaigns, you can set regular intervals for your activities. For example, if you want to build trustful relationships with your customers, you can maintain consistency and send messages at regular intervals. This trust will make you reliable, which is one of the key aspects of a successful business.

Marketing automation helps you attract more customers by fulfilling the communication gap between you and your customers.

3. Give Each Customer Enough Time

As a business owner, you’re expected to know when to hand a lead over to your sales team. But when you have hundreds of leads, this is just impossible. Marketing automation takes this task away from you. Automation software uses your marketing initiatives to track and measure your users’ activity and then alerts you when you should take over.

4. Find high-quality Leads

It’s important to identify the right time that your leads should pass from your marketing team to your sales team. But you should also ensure these are high-quality leads. Defining these leads is vital for happy and effective marketing relationships.

One of the main advantages of marketing automation is that a set of benchmarks for scoring your users is included. You will see their specific information, such as industry sector, job title, name, etc. in return for downloading marketing content. You will also get information about their digital behavior, such as responding to emails.

Obtaining this data helps filter out the noise and prioritize your leads.

5. Consistent Marketing Effort

Marketing automation is achieved with software and not by humans who are fatigued, have feelings, schedules, and other obstacles. Therefore, marketing automation delivers consistent marketing efforts, which means your followers will know that you can manage your communications and you really care.

If you think about it, how many times have you promised yourself to set a specific task on a regular basis and then find that you have to handle another problem that suddenly occurred, or have a complaint from a client, or a phone call at the time you were going to do this task? This often happens to business owners and it can be avoided.

Think of automation as your delegates. All you need to do is to set up the activities and they will constantly run on any schedule you set to find new marketing opportunities and promote your brand.

6. Thorough A/B Testing

Most companies split test their marketing campaigns before the actual launch for better performance. Whether you’re nurturing current customers or targeting prospects, a small difference in the copy between two versions could mean a huge difference between the failure or success of your marketing campaign.

One of the main benefits of marketing automation is that you can perform A/B testing while your campaign is running by isolating populations and performing smaller tests. Basically, you have an opportunity to adjust your marketing campaign in real-time. Even better, campaign optimization can happen automatically.

7. Scale Your Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve found a strategy that really works for your target group or for a certain territory, you will want to adapt and change it so that it works for other customers and areas as well. This involves pulling out older reports and crunching data to make sense of it. For businesses, marketing automation is an alternative to segmenting your customers manually.

8. Focus on More Important Things

The truth is, not every marketing campaign you launch will be successful. Luckily, with marketing automation, you will know which marketing campaigns work and which ones aren’t effective so you can focus on those that are working and end those that aren’t.

Marketing automation software provides you with comprehensive reports that show you how many users are clicking on your call-to-action, responding to your online campaigns, etc. You will see a conversion rate of every marketing campaign. With this information, you can distribute your resources in a way that will boost your bottom line and have the maximum impact on your business.

9. Give Your Marketing Team More Time

Marketing automation tackles all of the repetitive things involved in most marketing activities – lead scoring, organizing data and campaigns, optimizing and scaling your marketing efforts, etc, – so your marketing team can focus on things that are more important. For example, they will have time to develop new concepts and provide you with strategic insights, precisely more of the things for which they were hired.

10. No Need to Hire Additional Staff

If you own a small business, it’s expected that everyone knows something about everyone’s job, so everyone can participate in something when they have to. Your marketing team could become your sales team and they might also participate in product development.

Overall, using marketing automation ensures you don’t need more people to handle marketing activities.

11. Reduce Sales Resistance

When you can track customer engagement and behavior during their buying process, you can adapt your current marketing campaigns and develop more relevant campaigns that will reduce sales resistance and build trust. With marketing automation, you can convert leads faster.

12. Finds Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

How many up-sell and cross-sell opportunities do you think you have lost because you didn’t track your users’ behavior? If you don’t know the answer, it is another reason to consider installing marketing automation software.

Marketing automation can do more than just find new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. With this software, you can automatically reach out to those users who might be ready to buy from you again if you provide them with a good marketing copy. Basically, you can boost your company’s profits with little or no effort on your part.

You can use marketing automation software to remind your current customers to buy your product again since they left good feedback on their last purchase. You can also remind them of the product they have is past their due date. You will be able to find customers who’ve purchased a certain product in the past and send an email highlighting the benefits of new products. Basically, you can automate everything.

Marketing automation is definitely worth it, especially if you want to maintain a consistent online presence that increases your sales. You will get reports, analytics, key metrics, and more in an optimized fashion that would take a lot more time and effort if left in your hands to do manually. Good marketing automation software is necessary for every business that wants to build an online brand.

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