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How Clients Can Deal With Their Marketer’s Knowledge Gap

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Throughout my career in web marketing, it has always amazed me when clients get upset when some new revelation comes to light that forces the web marketing campaign into a new direction. It’s almost as if the clients expect the web marketer to know everything there is to know about a website before they even begin.

But even the best web marketers need help, and no matter how many questions they ask, there will always be some important bit of information that is yet to be discovered.

Client’s should not be surprised when new information comes to light that impacts the web marketing campaign. In fact, discovery is one of the primary roles of the web marketer. Their job is to investigate problems and develop solutions. If they knew everything, there would be no investigation and no problems to fix. As nice as that sounds, it’s not reality.

Web marketing clients need to understand that web marketing campaigns evolve based on information. Some new, some old–just not previously realized. In fact, it is this discovery that helps make the campaign better. It helps us challenge previously held thoughts and opinions, holding up to scrutiny and forces us to prove or disprove them with data.

As the client, your primary job is to feed the web marketer information. Answer questions and if there is something that you think is important for them to know, be sure to share it. The more information the web marketer has, the more effective they will be.

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