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Keep Visitors Engaged With Effective Links and Buttons [Infographic]

What would we do without links? They provide a quick and easy way to navigation through websites. And until the internet figures out how to actually read our minds, they’re here to stay.

Moreover, they’re vital to your site’s user experience. Awesome navigation is just the start. Beyond that, links and action buttons within the content itself are important for keeping visitors actively engaged with your website.¬†Links¬†can lead visitors to more relevant information that keeps them on the site. They can (and should) show the visitor what they should do next. And when used right, links will eventually bring them to the end of the sales funnel where they become a bonafide customer.

This list covers how links, buttons and calls to action should be integrated into your site content and design. From how they should be formatted to how they should be coded, this list will make sure that you use these components to your best marketing advantage.

Links and Buttons Checklist

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